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Amtech commenced production in 1987 in Yelm, Washington, near Fort Lewis. In 2003, to support customers located in Eastern Washington, Amtech expanded operations to Wapato, Washington, located just outside of Yakima. Our current combined manufacturing space exceeds 160,000 square feet on 25 combined acres. Recently, Corporate Offices have been moved to our Wapato facility.
Wapato, Washington
In 2005, to support a rapid increase in production growth, we completed our $1,300,000 Wapato facility expansion. With this capital expansion, we upgraded to a state of the art air handling system, installed a new substation for significantly more electrical power, and added custom loading docks to streamline our just-in-time delivery systems. Through these improvements we improved the overall production flow by adding specialized manufacturing space with a part trimming facility and material storage area.

Wapato offers the latest technology in computer controlled vacuum forming equipment. That, along with our specialized rapid plastic sheet handing capability, we are capable of producing some of the deepest draw formed parts in the industry.

Several dedicated production lines are in operation at Wapato including standard height Helmet Hardtop® and Mobile Advantage Mealstar® vehicles. Our VARTM capability is our most recent facility capital investment which will enable us to produce products essential for the safety of U.S. Armed Forces, as well as intricate parts for commercial markets.